My name is AJ Fazendin. I am a chef, and food is my passion. I work with flavors, colors, textures, and I transform individual ingredients to create new elaborate flavors. A beautiful dish is one that will please my customers on many different levels, first being the visual aspect. The art of display and the combination of colors make the first impression. Then comes the smell, an intricate blend of sweet, spicy, bold or botanical fragrances that stimulates the senses. Ultimately there is flavor, which the connoisseur will recognize as the quintessential harmony of smell, sight and taste.

     The idea of making my own gin came when I visited a distillery in Seattle Washington, where I saw the culinary aspect and creativity of alcohol fermentation and infusion. I decided to pursue the art of distillation and create a superior spirit flavored with various botanicals of my own concoction. At the distillery, I am creating a new American Gin, one that gathers unique and exotic ingredients. I distill a Gin that is lighter and more floral than other well-known brand. It is a Gin that you can savor on the rocks or in your favorite signature cocktail.