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American Gin

Our American Gin is a dry Gin. We use hand selected botanicals to infuse a smooth light juniper flavor with a hint of fresh citrus while leaving a nice spice on the finish. We use a maceracion process to impart all the flavors of the botanicals. After we have reached the ideal flavor we put everything into a 200 gallon pot still and redistill our base spirit, we taste throughout the distillation process to ensure the absolute best flavor we can. Prescribed Spirits Gin is a great smooth gin for any mixed classic gin cocktail and even better on its own over some ice or shaken into your favorite martini.

750ml 44%ABV. 100% neutral spirits distilled from Grain.


Barrel Finished Gin

Prescribed Spirits Barrel Finished Gin is a blend of all of the same botanicals we use in our American Dry Gin but this time we let it rest in brand new American oak barrels. This product has a very smooth oak and vanilla flavor with the notes of our gin that works great for substituting in your favorite whisky drinks.

750ml 42%ABV. 100% neutral spirits distilled from Grain.